Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions constitute to regulate all commercial and non-commercial relationships between AirportParking.bg and its customers. For all other issues and situations not covered here, we apply Bulgarian legislation.


When applying and understanding the amendments of this terms and conditions, the below terminology and phrases have the following meaning:

AIRPORTPARKING.BG – website, owned by PRIBORI.BG OOD, the legal entity that maintains and owns the intellectual property rights of the website www.AirportParking.bg

Website – internet website that can be accessed through the following internet address http:// www.AirportParking.bg

Consumer – every person that directly – by entering the internet address, or by selecting a hyperlink from another website, has conducted a voluntary entry into the website, or has used the its offerings of services and/or information

Product – offered by the means of the website services, in quality and quantity, according to the description in the website

Content – the information, data, published opinions, text, video, photos, sound and all other materials, published on and/or being part of the website

Service – offered through the website opportunity for requesting and conducting of the offered services, as well as publishing opinions, questions and others related to the website

this terms and conditions are intended to regulate all commercial and non-commercial activities between PRIBORI.bg OOD (AIRPORTPARKING.BG ) and its customers. For all other questions and disputes that are not covered in these term and condition, bulgarian law will be applied.


As far as part of the offered by the website’s services account for entering into a contract for a sale from distance, under article 48 and ??? from the abovementioned law, AirportParking.bg provides to the users of the website the following information:

2.1.1. Доставчик по договорите за продажба от разстояние е ARMAT ARM Ltd., вписано в Търговския регистър при Агенция по вписванията с ЕИК 207350852, със седалище и адрес на управление гр. София, п.к. 1510
р-н Подуяне
ж.к. Хаджи Димитър, бул./ул. Кочо Честименски, бл. 76, ап. 707 – наричан по-долу AIRPORTPARKING.BG .

The vendor under the contracts for a distance sale is ARMAT ARM Ltd, registered in the Commercial register of the Registry agency with VAT 205352662, with address Levski V, bl.1, fl.5, apt. 29, Sofia – called AIRPORTPARKING.BG in these terms and conditions.

ARMAT ARM Ltd has been registered in the Register of the administrators of personal data with N …….

The main descriptions of the offered by the website services are located in every respective section of the website, as well as in the informative section of the website

The prices for offered by AIRPORTPARKING.BG services are published on the website of the company, and are in bulgarian levs. Payments are to be made online, cash in person, with debit or credit card and in bulgarian levs.

The cost of the communication services for contacting a representative of AIRPORTPARKING.BG does not differ in any way than the tariffs of the communication service provider of the customer;

By accepting the this terms and conditions, the consumer declares that has read and acknowledged them and every order through the website and/or by signing documents when the services are ordered, represents its immediate acknowledgement and acceptance of entering into a contract from a distance.


The consumer agrees to use the provided information and services offered by the website in good manner and only in accordance with their intended use.

By using the services, the consumer is obliged to:

fill and send specific personal and contact information

submit quotes/orders only when there is a real interest for using the services; if possible to not duplicate requests in a short interval of time, before awaiting the response of the first request made

use the services personally and under her/his name, without offering them to another person

when submitting an opinion or feedback to not communicate a meaning that is illegal, harmful, aggressive, disrespectful, creating worriness, hurting, discriminating, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, breaking confidentiality of a third person or unacceptable in regard to racial, ethnicity or other reasons; to not use the opportunity for submitting a comment with the purpose of sharing hyperlinks to other websites and/or advertising content (logos, addresses, mesages, etc.);

to not share the received from the website messages with changed headers or other elements and to not manipulate in any other way the brand elements so that the origin and/or the type of the content is altered;

to not publish content that is illegal to share or has been agreed to treat it as a confidential information (internal information, confidential information or information regarding someone’s property or company’s property, or that is a subject of agreements for not sharing);

to not publish content that breaks any intellectual property, commercial or other right of any third party;

to not send, publish or transfer in any other way content or software that has computer viruses or other computer codes, software or files intended to shut down, alter or limit the abilities of computer software, hardware or telecommunication systems;

to not research, test, etc. how secure is the website, its vulnerability, the vulnerability of the systems, the server and the network without approval; to not alter the security of the website; to not access the code of the website, the database and/or others, as well as to not access on a low system level the software and/or the hardware used by the website for its functioning;

to not access information submitted by another consumer that is related to the ordered products and/or services; to not alter the content of sent or published by another consumer information;

to not conduct actions that have the potential to limit the abilities of other consumers to use the website and its offerings.


the ordering is done by the request form.

orders can be made without registration.

the authenticity of the entered by the consumer information is a responsibility of the consumer, where when there is incorrectly filled information and/or there is and objective doubt that the information if fully correct, AirportParking.bg has the right to unilaterally decline the registration of the consumer.

after the selection of a service and the final confirmation of the order, the order enters the information system of AirportParking.bg for processing. AIRPORTPARKING.BG has the right, before starting the processing of the order to check the authenticity of the provided by the consumer information by conducting a phone call using the provided contact information. In a case where the consumer cannot be reached for two hours after submitting the order, AIRPORTPARKING.BG has the right to cancel the order.

after the successful verification of submitted information, AirportParking.bg sends a confirmation email to the consumer for the successful registration and email confirmations for accepted for processing orders.

orders through the website are accepted at any time. You can contact our customer service 24 hours and 7 days a week by calling 0899999

Every client that made an order through www.AirportParking.bg , by calling 089999999 or by parking on the territory of a parking lot operated by AIRPORTPARKING.BG automatically accepts this terms and conditions.

AIRPORTPARKING.BG is responsible for providing a parking spot for a light vehicle of every customer that made a reservation using one of the above mentioned ways, ot that has parked on a parking operated by the company.

The parking spots offered by AIRPORTPARKING.BG have the following dimensions:  

Width: 235 cm | Lenght: 510 cm

By using the services of AIRPORTPARKING.BG , the customer has to prove that she/he is the owner of the vehicle (or that it has been authorised by the owner to use it) and that the vehicle is in good working condition (has gone through the mandatory safety inspections), has been insured according to the requirements of the law and has valid licence plates. If any of the above is not proved or the validity of the corresponding document expires during the reserved stay – AIRPORTPARKING.BG has the right to unilaterally decline the reservation.

when filling the form for reservation or making a reservation over the phone – AIRPORTPARKING.BG prepares a contract for the rent of the parking spot and sends it to the email of the client. When the vehicle is being accepted by an associate of AIRPORTPARKING.BG , the contract has to be signed by the two parties.

When vehicle is being accepted by an associate of AIRPORTPARKING.BG – acceptance and transmission protocol has to be prepared and signed. The protocol is a supporting document of the contract. The protocol consists the following information – date and time of the acceptance of the vehicle, mileage and the name of the associate. Four pictures facing the diagonals of the vehicle are taken. The protocol consists of two copies – one for each party.

When returning the vehicle back to the owner (or the person authorised by the owner), an acceptance and transmission protocol has to be prepared and signed. The protocol is a supporting document of the contract. The protocol consists the following information – date and time of the acceptance of the vehicle, mileage and the name of the associate returning the vehicle. Four pictures facing the diagonals of the vehicle are taken. The protocol consists of two copies – one for each party.

If the customer does not accept back the vehicle before the end of the reserved period, the customer is obliged to pay 8 levs for each day that has started past the prepaid period. The rent of 8 levs a day – vehicle stay in the parking lot, after the prepaid period is due in full and is calculated until the time of vehicle acceptance. AIRPORTPARKING.BG cannot be hold responsible and does not have any responsibility for a vehicle that has not be accepted back for a month past the prepaid period.


AirportParking.bg cannot be hold liable for any inability to access the website or to transfer the information from it on the computer of the consumer, as well as for any harm done, missed opportunities and others that have occured after, in the result of or because the use (or the inability to use due to technical problems, maintenance, decisions of the administrator, etc.) of the website; AirportParking.bg cannot be hold liable for any limitations or technical problems that limit or prevent the ability to use the services due to incompatibility and/or not proper use of the used by the consumer device.

AirportParking.bg strives tomaintain up-to-date information from sources that considers trustworthy. The uploaded on the website information has a goal of making it easy for the consumers to form an opinion for the offered products and services and does not represent a suggestion for their purchase, a warranty for use and the effects from their use. AirportParking.bg does not guarantee that the used information is accurate, as far as this information can be modified, proved inaccurate or confirmed by the sources from which it has been acquired or from other sources.

AirportParking.bg cannot be hold liable for content that by accessing the website becomes public and/or is transferred confidentially. The whole responsibility is held by the consumer and/or a third person that has published, sent or filled in any other way the website with this content and/or under which desire this content is filled, including errors and missed parts in the content.

AirportParking.bg is not liable for the content that the consumers in the website and/or third parties fill, sent and share while using the services, and because of that does not guarantee the accuracy, wholeness, tryliness or the character of that content.

AirportParking.bg is not liable for the content of other websites and hyperlinks published on AirportParking.bg .

While using the services, the consumer can receive access to content that is offensive, immoral or unacceptable in character. AirportParking.bg cannot be hold responsible in any way for the availability and/or the access of the consumer to such content and/or for damages of any kind resulted from the use and/or the access to the content that is shared, published, sent or transferred in any other way through the website.

In the cases where the website has hyperlinks to other websites, AirportParking.bg has no liability for the content of those websites and the resulted from the access of those hyperlinks harms or missed opportunities.

AirportParking.bg cannot be hold liable for actions of other consumers, service provides and third parties.

AirportParking.bg cannot be hold liable for the delivering/not delivering to the consumer products or services, in the cases where the causes for such issues are not illegal actions of AirportParking.bg


AIRPORTPARKING.BG has the exceptional right, under its consideration, to unilaterally change the rules for access and use of the website and/or the services offered through it.

AIRPORTPARKING.BG has the exceptional right to change (including the deletion of) the published content of the website, the design of the website and the domain through which it is accessible in the internet.

AIRPORTPARKING.BG has the exceptional right, under its consideration, to limit and/or deny access to the website and the offered through it services to consumers, as well as to delete published by the consumers content in the cases where the content has caused harm of any kind or they have created an opportunity for harms of any kind to be caused to consumers of the website and/or AIRPORTPARKING.BG .

AIRPORTPARKING.BG has the right to freely and under its consideration to send to any consumer system messages, as well as marketing and advertising messages, in the cases where the consumers have not declared their unwillingness to receive such messages.


All the information, the website structure and design of AirportParking.bg , as well as the name itself are protected by the Intellectual and related property law and by the Law of trademarks and geographical origins. Any use outside this meaning – publishing text or part of a text anywhere else without the knowledge of the person holding the rights; database building with commercial intend; sharing information in any way, with any intend and through any channel; and any form of commercial use – is allowed only with the explicit written authorization of AIRPORTPARKING.BG .

This terms and conditions are set to govern the relationships between the consumers of AirportParking.bg and Pribori.BG OOD. When using the website and/or the services, the consumer agrees to obey this terms and conditions, as well as all applicable bulgarian and international laws, even if they are not listed and/or described here.

AirportParking.bg has the right to unilateraly, under its consideration, to change this terms and conditions. The information about the change is delivered to the consumers by posting a note on the website, as well as changing the text of the updated terms and conditions without the explicit notification to the consumers.

By accessing the website, its viewing and/or clicking at any hyperlink in the website, the consumer declares that agrees with this terms and conditions and agrees to obey them, despite the use use of any of the offered by the website services.

AIRPORTPARKING.BG cannot be hold liable for harms caused by third parties or by other clients of the company, but provides information in the form of video recordings and statements to the harmed parties.


By accepting this terms and conditions and entering your personal information into the form for request in AirportParking.bg , the consumer accepts its personal information to be processed and stored by AIRPORTPARKING.BG . All voluntarily entered by the consumer information, that identify her/him, are processed, stored and used by AIRPORTPARKING.BG for the purposes of the offered by the website services and for the purposes of the marketing and advertising of the offered services.

AirportParking.bg guarantees that the personal information of the consumer will not be shared with third parties with the intent of advertising to the consumer and without her/his consent to be subject of advertisement of our products and services.

AirportParking.bg keeps the right to share personal information and/or the IP addresses used by the consumers to enter the website when required by the law and requested by the law enforcement entities and/or to obey this terms and conditions.

The personal correspondence of the consumers is inviolable.

According the the Law for protection of personal information, the consumer has the right to enter and change its own personal information entered in the database of AirportParking.bg when using its services.

By accepting this terms and conditions the consumer declares its acceptance AIRPORTPARKING.BG to keep and process entered by the consumer data (including its personal information), as well as to use that data when services are delivered, for marketing purposes and others. AIRPORTPARKING.BG also has the right to use the data for analytics (where consumers’ identity is not shared) and if needed to share the analytics with third parties.


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